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In order to enter the chat room, you must be at least an associate of the guild.
               To the "Fourth Reicht"s web page.
We are PvP/PvE guild looking for PvE/PvP well gearead and ofcourse skilled players at Molten-WoW/Deathwing.
"NewWorldOrder" is proud to give u the chance to raid,join premades and do events with ur friends and this is our Web-Site


Guild Rules:.
  1. The membership will respect the decisions of the Guild leaders at all times. Officers orders must be obeyed to maintain order within the guild and during raids. 
  2. The Guild Leader and Officer will respect the opinions of the members at all times.
  3. Bad mouthing ANY member or the guild itself in guildchat or on the boards is forbidden.
  • If you have a complaint, take it first to that player and if you feel it is serious enough, take it to the leadership.
  • All Members are expected to treat their fellow guild Members with respect and dignity at all times.
  • No harassing, belittling, stalking or any other behavior that disrupts the guild’s continuity will be allowed.
  • Petty arguments and disagreements will not be tolerated. 
  • Bad language is not encouraged although understood at certain times.
  • NEVER in ooc, shout or other zonewide channels however. 
  • Avoided in guildchat as much as possible.
  • Includes acronyms that mask bad language. 
  1. All Members should also have the same civility toward other non-guild members, unless of course they are worthy of your contempt.
  • Kill Stealing is not permitted.
  • Cooperation between everyone in the guild is expected.
Ranking System:
 Initate  = Initate
 Disciple  =  
 Veteran  = Veteran
 PvP-Marshall  = Officer
 PvE-Commander  =  
 PvP-Leader  = Guild leader
 PvE-Leader  = Guild leader

Guild-Vault system:
Every member of the guild "NewWorldOrder" takes an item from the Guild-Vault(gbank) by paying 50 % of the AH price for this current item
or its VALUE in DKP!
Donations to the Guild-Vault are WELCOMED!
Good luck and thank you for choosing the "NewWorldOrder".

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